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St. Cloud is not only a nice place to visit, but also a GREAT place to live. Many people choose to call St. Cloud home because it has the accommodations of a city and the neighborly familiarity of a small town community. It’s not just the people who choose to live here that believe it is a great place to settle down; statistics show that St. Cloud has many aspects and perks that attribute to GREATER living.

GREATER Affordability

1dianecrossleysouthside[1].jpgThe cost of living is more affordable in St. Cloud than towards the Twin Cities. When trying to buy a house, a homeowner can get a lot more bang for their buck in St. Cloud. You also don’t have to be making six figures to afford to buy a home. The St. Cloud housing market is not only reasonably priced but is also a continually growing market.
  • St. Cloud’s yearly cost of living is 30% less than in the Twin Cities. ($63,500 in St. Cloud versus $91,000 in the 7 County Metro area).
  • St. Cloud’s home values are more affordable than in the Twin Cities ($151,466 in St. Cloud versus $226,094 in Greater MSP).
  • In 2015, St. Cloud was named a “Top 15 Metro Areas You Can Afford a Home on $50,000 Income” by Nerdwallet.com.


GREATER Location

St. Cloud is also known for their location. Many different arts, entertainment sporting events and other city attractions are not only available locally but also only about an hour and a half drive away. St. Cloud is very centrally located which is a huge advantage to anyone who travels for work or leisure. St. Cloud is also a hub for Central Minnesota. Many people commute to St. Cloud not only for work but for shopping, movies and much more!

  • 32,866 commuters come into St. Cloud from the region to work every day.
  • Minneapolis, Fargo, and Chicago are all less than 500 miles away.
  • St. Cloud has an airport, rail lines, and highways connecting us to the region, country, and beyond.

St. Cloud is where you can get the best of both worlds for city and rural living. In St. Cloud, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone and being a safe and friendly place for families to work, live and raise children.

What is your favorite part about St. Cloud living?