Better Together

The Greater St. Cloud Area Pillars Forum

The Greater St. Cloud Community Pillars Forum is an annual gathering of hundreds of area residents who have a shared interest in working collectively to advance the region’s top priorities.

A crowd of more than 300 gathered at the River’s Edge Convention Center on Feb. 6, 2018, to attend the Eighth Annual Greater St. Cloud Pillars Forum. The event featured highlights from the nine pillars with special presentations on:

  • Public Safety by Brian Myres, Greater St. Cloud Public Safety Foundation and Commander James Steve, St. Cloud Police Department.
  • Economy and Workforce Panel featuring: Tammy Biery, Career Solutions; Gail Cruikshank, Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation; Luke Greiner, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development; Angelica Pena, Avivo (formerly RESOURCE, Inc.); and Lisa Schwarz, Times Media.

In addition, entertainment was provided by Ashley Gonzalez and Christopher Goering from the Wirth Center for the Performing Arts.


The Community Pillars Initiative got its start in 2010 when 40 Greater St. Cloud area leaders took a bus trip to Dubuque, Iowa—a city that was having great success in planning and executing a shared community-wide vision. They learned the secret to Dubuque’s success was not in the assets the community possessed but in the way in which it collectively used its assets to plan for the future.

On the bus ride home, community leaders realized that St. Cloud had the necessary assets. It was a common vision that was missing. And from that inspiration, the Greater St. Cloud Community Priorities initiative was born.

Today, the vision has been refined and renamed to focus on the Greater St. Cloud Area Pillars of arts and entertainment, community engagement, economy, education, green, housing, infrastructure, safety and wellness.

St. Cloud Community Pillars

Arts & Entertainment

All people are engaged and enriched by the arts. The arts inspire, educate, and entertain while promoting creativity and energizing social, cultural, and economic vitality.


Community Engagement

All people feel ownership in and connected to the broader community.



All people benefit from an increase in employment, wages and business vitality.



All people have access to lifelong educational opportunities.



The entire community grows in an environmentally sustainable manner with respect to our land, water, and air resources.



All people have access to a full range of housing options.



All people have affordable access to transportation and communication.



Everyone feels secure and free from crime.



The community will create sustainable environments to encourage healthy choices and to support mental and physical well-being.


Our Sponsors

The Greater St. Cloud Community Pillars Initiative is sponsored by:

  • CentraCare Health Foundation
  • Central Minnesota Community Foundation
  • Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation
  • Initiative Foundation
  • Morgan Family Foundation
  • St. Cloud State University
  • Times Media
  • United Way of Central Minnesota

The complimentary breakfast sponsors are Coborn’s and Feeling Good MN, powered by CentraCare Health.

Video production is sponsored, in part, by Bremer.