Health & Wellness

Stress relief: You’re surrounded by excellent, 24/7 healthcare. 

One of the first things you ask before relocating – often before considering the job or where you’ll live – is if you’ll have good healthcare. How far away is the hospital? Are there specialists knowledgeable about your condition?

Rest easy. With more than 7,500 specialists and other medical staff in our healthcare facilities, Greater St. Cloud is a regional center for excellent medical care – including a heart center, cancer center, and many other specialties.

CentraCare Health System

CentraCare Health System is a collaborative group of healthcare professionals, working together to provide comprehensive, high-quality care for residents of Greater St. Cloud. In addition to three nearby hospitals, CentraCare Health System includes four senior-care facilities, nearly a dozen clinics and numerous specialty care services.

HealthPartners Central Minnesota Clinic

HealthPartners Central Minnesota Clinic has been providing exceptional care and service to its Greater St. Cloud patients for more than 30 years, including Family Practice, Pediatrics, OBGYN, Dental, Behavioral Health and Chiropractic.

Rejuv Medical

Rejuv Medical is another comprehensive healthcare provider in Greater St. Cloud, with more than 70 doctors and other specialists from around the world.

Medical Care in Sartell

The city of Sartell provides a variety of medical care offerings. Whether you are a resident seeking a new health care provider or a visitor needing emergency services, Sartell has a variety of medical options for you to choose from!

St. Cloud VA Health Care System

The St. Cloud VA Health Care System provides excellent care for those dedicated men and women who’ve protected America’s freedom.

We’re also a community that’s committed to wellness. From specialized exercise programs to modern fitness facilities, we take good health in stride. Preferably 10,000 of them each day!