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When considering a new community, people have always wondered: “What are the schools like?”

In Greater St. Cloud, the schools keep getting better all the time. That’s not an exaggeration: in 2016, our citizens voted to build two new high schools – one in Sartell for $105.8 million and one in St. Cloud for $104.5 million – both of which are now under construction and will open in 2019.

Other new facilities, including for young people with special needs, are also being built. A consortium of area Catholic schools is also combining its resources to enhance their abilities to educate as well.

These are just a few examples of this region’s commitment to education. People often say, “buildings don’t teach, teachers teach,” and that’s certainly true. But parents are very pleased that our schools’ excellent teachers will soon have even more modern facilities in which to provide better learning opportunities for their kids.

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